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Empowering Change: Living Without Violence with Man Alive

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Living Without Violence

Violence can be a destructive force that not only harms those around us but also leaves a lasting mark on our own lives. You may have experienced the fear in the eyes of loved ones, as they tiptoe around your anger to keep you content, even if it's at their own expense. It's a situation you're painfully aware of, and it's time for a change.

Man Alive offers transformative Living without violence courses designed to help men understand their anger and manage their emotions, gaining knowledges and skills which lead to increased empathy, self control and a journey towards non-violence. By participating in our programs, you can move towards the person you want to be and build deep trusting relationships, leaving behind a legacy of regret and shame.

A Path to Non-Violence

For over two decades, Man Alive has developed a distinctive and effective approach to non-violence courses. Our  programs create a supportive and nurturing environment where men come together in groups of up to 16, guided by two skilled facilitators. These weekly sessions, lasting 2.5 hours, are complemented by one-on-one supports where required.

Our programs are led by a diverse team of facilitators who emphasize understanding and growth and a journey towards your preferred self. While we don't pass judgment, we do encourage participants to acknowledge  responsibility for violent behaviours, recognise the effects on those who experience them and understand that there is no excuse for abuse.

What We Help You Achieve

Building a Brighter Future with Man Alive

Our trained facilitators work with men to reshape their lives, focusing on the following key areas:

  1. Taking Responsibility for Your Actions: It's time to face the consequences of your behaviour. Our suppors helps you recognize the impact of your actions and take ownership of them.
  2. Learning How to Avoid and Manage Conflict: Conflict is a natural part of life, but how we handle it is crucial. Our program equips you with the skills to navigate conflicts in healthier, non-violent ways.
  3. Nurturing Positive Relationships: Your interactions with loved ones can be harmonious and fulfilling. We guide you in creating and maintaining positive relationships that enrich the lives of you and your whānau.
  4. Creating Safety Strategies in Your Home: Your home should be a sanctuary, not a battleground. We help you develop strategies to ensure the safety of those you care about.
  5. Dealing with Personal Issues: Personal challenges including our own history and past experience can often fuel anger and violence. We will support you to recognise, work through and address these issues to find constructive pathways forward for you and those around you.

Engaging in Man Alive's living without violence programs is a hugely positive step givign you  the opportunity to reclaim your life, mend broken relationships, and embrace a future free from violence. Violence doesn't have to define you; you can become the best version of yourself, someone you can be proud of.

The Results

Men’s stories are the best testament to the benefit of doing a Man Alive Living Without Violence course. Read the testimonials below.

“My father should be here. I want to do this work now, so that my son never does what I did get here.”


“My kids will never see me bully another women. I hate hearing how my boy is now trying to bully my ex. I am trying to put that right.”


“I was blaming my wife for the violence. I couldn’t make progress until I took responsibility for what I was doing.”


“The guys helped me start a new life. I’m happy for the first time. My new partner trusts me. I recommend it.”


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